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  • White watch – a symbol of delicacy, elegance and peace

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    Kate Leszczynska

    When you think about white color, white clothes, white accessories, what you think of? What are your first thoughts? Light, goodness, purity? When we created the Jubilya brand, white was one of our inspirations. Femininity, style, elegance were all we wanted and still want to deliver to women from the United Arab Emirates. White is also considered to be the color of perfection. Today we want to show you the collection of our white watches provided by two European brands – Gino Rossi and Jordan Kerr. A white watch is a symbol of delicacy and elegance, and we hope you agree with it after seeing our Jubilya white watches collection.

    We choose white for today, because it also symbolises peace and calmness that we all need now, in the time of worldwide coronavirus pandemic, more than ever. Did you find your favorite white watch? Remember that our watches are high-quality European designs. Here you have two luxury brands – Gino Rossi and Jordan Kerr. Both represent style and elegance. They provide top accessories and watches for women. We love them and we are proud that Jubilya is the distributor of their products in the region of United Arab Emirates.

    For more beautiful watches go to Jubilya Instagram account.

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