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  • Metal strap versus leather strap – main differences, pros and cons

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    Kate Leszczynska

    A watch is always an outstanding accessory that adds style to every outfit. It is not only practical but also a very elegant finishing touch. However much models you scroll, you have to answer a couple of questions before you buy a watch. It is important because when choosing a watch, we choose it with the intention of wearing it for a long time and in combination with many different outfits. So it is worth choosing one that will be comfortable for us and will please us. The watch strap is an important element. You can match it with your handbag, shoes or other accessories to create an incredible look. One important aspect of choosing a watch is the eternal dilemma – metal strap versus leather strap. Each of them has its pros and cons.

    We have compiled a short comparison for you so that you can choose watches from the Jubilya collection even more wisely.

    Leather watch strap

    When it comes to formal meetings, metal strap versus leather strap is a battle in which leather strap wins. It is believed to be more elegant and classic; so more suitable for official occasions. Timeless elegance – these two words explain why leather straps are always in fashion. Leather straps are always in style, and they always look very professional on both men and women. They adjust and expand over time so it is a seamless fit to your wrist. They are naturally soft and give their owner a light feel. It’s a comfortable material that is flexible.


    • Works best with formal outfit and adds classy appeal.
    • Timeless elegance.
    • A seamless fit to your wrist.
    • Naturally soft and pleasant to wear.

    The biggest disadvantage is that a leather strap may tear and rip a little bit with age, and needs to be oiled often to keep its appearance. In addition, if you get your leather wet – it will cause damage if not dry quickly, no doubt. Not only will submerging your watch in water ruin it; sweating too much may also cause damage. It looks beautiful and elegant, but it involves more work and attention. You have to remember to remove it when washing your hands or dishes. You shouldn’t swim or perform high intensity exercises or sports that make you perspire. 


    • Tear and rip with age.
    • Needs to be oiled with special moisteners.
    • Water and sweat cause damage.
    • May crack from frequent use.

    Metal watch strap

    First of all, metal watch strap requires much less upkeep and does not age quickly. Metal will not tear and most of small signs aging can be easily polished. It doesn’t require frequent replacing. Metal strap is suitable for less official events. It definitely attracts attention and is identified with confidence and expensive outfit. Depending on the model, it can look more or less heavy. It is tough and more stable than a leather one. Strong and not likely to break, metal watch straps can get wet. They don’t damage as easily as leather when exposed to water and your sweat.


    • Durable, resistant to stretching, and (almost) unbreakable.
    • Lasts longer compared to leather straps.
    • Water resistance; can be exposed to sweat.
    • Heavy and expensive look.

    Stainless steel bracelet watches are usually match with sport watches. That is why most of people believe a metal strap does not fit to every formal outfit or is too weighty for everyday use. Also metal is very sensitive to temperature so never leave your metal watch strap in places with extreme temperatures such as directly in the hot sun because you may even get burnt or, on the contrary, frostbite if the watch was left in the cold. For some people metal watch strap is not a pleasure to touch, unlike a leather one.


    • Usually match with sport watches.
    • Sensitive to extreme temperatures.
    • Too weighty for everyday use.
    • Not a pleasure to touch.

    Choosing metal strap or leather strap (or both!) is such a personal decision. We hope it is easier for you now after you’ve became familiar with weakness and strengths, also practical tips, of both types of watch straps. We recommend having both types of straps and watches in the wardrobe and replacing them according to the occasion, matching the other accessories.


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