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  • How to clean a fur phone case?

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    Kate Leszczynska

    A fur phone case is one of those gadgets that has become very fashionable and will surely stay among the must-have of any Instagramer for a long time to come. This case certainly draws attention. What’s more, it makes your phone not only a tool for work or contact with the online world, but also a significant styling accessory. It protects your phone from scratches but also adds character and elegance and makes sure your phone does not go unnoticed. But what if fur phone case get dirty? Read how to clean a fur phone case. So that in case of an accident and a major spot, you can get your gadget back to its former glory.

    How to clean a fur phone case – it is very simple!

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    First of all, don’t put the fur case in the washing machine. Whirling can destroy the structure of the fur case for good and the hairs that are pulled out can no longer be repaired. Prepare the following for washing:

    Prepare the following for cleaning a fur phone case:

    • your dirty fur phone case,
    • a bowl with lukewarm water,
    • liquid soap,
    • toothbrush,
    • comb.

    First, gently wet the furry case with water where there is a dirt stain. Then apply some liquid soap to the brush and gently massage, scrub the spot with the spot. The soap should foam and cover the entire dirty area. When you see the stain coming off, rinse the soap thoroughly. Put the fur phones case away until it’s completely dry. Now the most important thing! Without this, your phone case will not regain its former appearance and the fur will be clogged. Using a comb, you must gently comb the whole case, with a special focus on where the stain was. After a thorough combing, your case should regain its fluffy look ✨

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