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  • Freedom – an underestimated value; express it with your accessories and jewelry

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    Kate Leszczynska

    The SARS-CoV-2 epidemic has completely changed the lives of many of us. Truly important values such as health and family and freedom have become more valuable than ever before. #stayathome rules, limited access to our daily activities, problems with contact with loved ones – all this makes us miss freedom before the epidemic. Freedom becomes something we all cherish the most now. Express it through symbols. We have gathered for you our favorite freedom jewelry examples. These are accessories that add you style but also express your right to be free and loved. In fact, we hope we all be free and happy again very soon. Probably nothing will be the same anymore, but at least we’ll learn to appreciate freedom even more.

    Freedom is the ability to go wherever you want

    Wings are symbols of flying, and flying and mobility are symbols of freedom. That’s why our wing bracelet seemed to be the obvious element of freedom jewelry collection. Did any of us, flying the plane, wonder how lucky and privileged it is to be able to travel? Only now, when the borders of many countries have been closed, have we experienced how hard it is to be chained to one place. Many families have been separated. Many holiday plans must be cancelled. Let this beautiful and delicate bracelet with a wing symbol always remind us that freedom is an opportunity to be where we want to be. Hopefully, we’ll fly and move again soon.

    Freedom is time you have – use it smartly

    The world has stopped. These are words repeated by many of us. Everything is different. Most places are closed. Being on a daily run, we were suddenly forced to stand still. We have time to think about what and who is really important. Have we been spending our time effectively so far? Once given time is something invaluable. It’s not like we don’t have time every day. It’s up to us to decide what and to whom we spend this time. Everything is a matter of prioritization. Control your time with Gino Rossi Camila Women’s Watch. This beautiful and delicate design is inspired by nature, which is why we added it to our freedom jewelry choices. Remember, give your time to those you really love, because it will pass anyway.

    Freedom is nature

    That’s why we have chosen leaf earrings as the last element of the freedom jewelry collection. The jewelry inspired by nature is a perfect accessory for women who loves delicate but very symbolic accessories. Nature, when man does not interfere with it, delights and is self-sufficient. Weeks were enough with limited transport and human traffic, and the internet was flooded with pictures of places that have revived. Let’s remember these pictures. Let us respect our planet and nature not only when we long to go to the beach. Let us always respect the planet. We don’t have another one yet.

    Read our Stay-at-home tips: mental well-being while staying at home due to the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak. No one should be alone one. Spread love and positive emotions, especially now. Call your beloved ones today and don’t forget about yourself. Buying a little gift just for you may be a good step in restoring your very own level of happiness.

    For more our favorite pieces of jewelry go to Jubilya Instagram account.

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