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    Blue watch, Jordan Kerr Stirla Neptune – a blue planet on a clock face

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    Kate Leszczynska

    There are some watches that are dainty and only complete an outfit. However, there are also standout watches that are an eye-catching accessory. One of them is definitely a blue watch, Jordan Kerr Stirla Neptune – a model that has appeared in our store.

    Dark and cold, but at the same time very powerful and elegant – this one sentence captures the extraordinary design of this unique watch. It is an original and high-quality European watch from Jordan Kerr. It contains features such as water resistance (3ATM), high-quality stainless steel covered with a special plating coating with increased resistance to abrasion, and genuine leather strap. The combination of gold, black and blue tones will add elegance to any outfit. The combination of shades of gold, black and blue are a perfect color composition that will never go out of fashion.

    On the one hand a delicate design, but with a very distinctive and unique blue dial. We call it a blue planet on a clock face. Why? Take a look at Neptune – the blue planet. It is the farthest-known Solar planet from the Sun. Beautiful, but very mysterious. Its blue hue has inspired many artists. Isn’t there something special and enigmatic about this view?

    Neptune - Voyager 2 (29347980845) flatten crop.jpg
    Photo from en.wikipedia.org, Photograph taken by NASA’s Voyager 2 in 1989

    Neptune’s blue appearance became the inspiration for the name of the new blue watch, which you can find in our store. Jordan Kerr Stirla Neptune is now available.

    This is a unique watch that will adorn any hand. It will add elegance, some seriousness and expressiveness. Its unusual blue dial will attract attention. It came again but in limited numbers so hurry up!


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