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  • A cool watch – back to school must-have!

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    What is the most exciting time of the year for teens? It is when they back to school or go to college. They are about to meet friends and make new friendships. In fact, they want to be well prepared (no matter what they say) and make a first impression. Thus, having a cool new gadget can boost self-confidence and help them adjust to a new environment. 

    Why is a cool watch back to school essential?

    Watches tell the time, and they don’t lie to you if you are late. A glance towards your wrist is a much classier way of checking time than staring at your phone during a class – just saying. Your almost-an-adult child will, hopefully, never be late again. Additionally, watches embrace elegance and style. Your teen can choose a watch that defines his or her daily wear. Watches do get compliments. It may be even a natural conversation starter. Checked. Your beloved child will feel more confident, and this is essential when it comes to starting your new school year. 

    How to choose a perfect watch?

    Go to jubilya.com and check the offer. You will find there a variety of different watches, different styles. Jubilya offers free shipping. Additionally, you have a fantastic back to school offer now. Purchase for 350 AED and get 50 AED OFF! Don’t miss the chance. 

    Above all, get a watch your teen always wanted. Find the perfect accessory. We are here to help you. Just contact us. 

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