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  • 3 great DIY ideas to store Jewelry

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    Kate Leszczynska

    Women love jewelry. Most of us have lots of earrings, necklaces, bracelets for different occasions. Who has never had to unhook her favorite chains entangled in several others? Who hasn’t looked for a second pair of earrings in a heap of others mixed together? Exactly. Proper storing of jewelry helps us to keep it in good condition and also saves time when choosing jewelry for special occasions, but also every day. We have chosen for you 3 great DIY ideas to store Jewelry, which we found while browsing jewelry fans’ blogs. These 3 ways really impressed us. Also, DIY stands for do it yourself and that means all these ways are easy to make at home. You do not need any special equipment or skills.

     ondacaracola photography / Getty Images

    So who among us doesn’t know anyone who buys and eats eggs? Eggs are in every grocery store. Eat it (or give it to someone to eat), and keep the package. In fact, this package can be a great jewelry box.

    Another idea is to mount mini hooks or a line hung on the wall where the earrings are hung. It can be ready-made hooks from a screw shop or anything you find at home that can hold your jewelry and help keep it in order.

    Finally, our favorite – bottles that serve as bracelet holders! Not only does it look very stylish, it is also very easy to do. Just keep the drink bottle and voilà, stand is ready!

    Do you have some DIY ideas to store jewelry? Let us know. We will be happy to see and share your inspirations in our social media.

    Btw. do you have a round face? Check how to choose earrings for a round face. It’ll make your natural beauty even more noticeable.

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